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Expert Nutritional Plans for Your Pet

Have you ever heard the expression, “You are what you eat?" Well the same is true for our pets!

Our veterinarians at Avenues Pet Clinic in Cheyenne, Wyoming pride themselves on providing top notch, preventative care to promote the overall health and longevity of your four-legged family member, and this starts with an excellent nutritional program.

Every pet’s nutritional needs are different and vary based on age, breed, health conditions and lifestyle factors—which can make choosing the right pet food complicated. At Avenues Pet Clinic, our veterinarians and staff will work closely with you to find the right diet for your individual animal.

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  • A nutrient-rich diet made with high-quality ingredients is your pet’s first line of defense and a cornerstone of preventive care.
  • Proper daily nutrition supports:
    • Optimal development in young animals
    • Bolsters your pet’s immune system
    • Maintains a lean body condition
    • Provides the right balance as your pet moves through his or her life

For daily nutritional needs, our veterinarians recommend pet food from iVet. Developed by expert nutritionists and veterinarians, iVet offers a variety of formulas to manage daily needs, weight, digestive concerns, and growing an senior animals. Ask our doctors which iVet formula is right for your pet!

For animals battling specific medical issues, we also carry veterinary diets from Science Diet, Royal Canin and Purina. Let our veterinarians recommend a personalized diet for your animal at your next visit!

Better still, each of these companies now offer a home delivery service that our staff can assist you in signing up for. Prefer to pick up in the clinic? No problem! We would be happy to arrange an ordering schedule for you.