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Get Proactive About Your Pet’s Health

Get Proactive About Your Pet’s Health

You probably think about it all the time – how you can’t remember when your pet is due for vaccinations, how you’re pretty sure you gave heartworm prevention this month (you think…), or how you should really just go ahead and schedule that wellness visit to stay on top of things. But life is busy! You think about it but don’t follow up.

We get that because we’re human, too. And that’s why we’re partnering with PetDesk to help you take control of your pet’s health!

The PetDesk portal integrates with our in-house health record system, making it convenient for you to receive reminders when your animal is due for a wellness visit, vaccines and more. You can set medication reminders for yourself, schedule appointments with us, check your pet’s health records, and even order refills!

Love your smartphone? You’re in luck! An easy to navigate app is available through your respective app store, making managing your pet’s health more accessible than ever. Once downloaded, you can set Avenues Pet Clinic as your home vet clinic and records will sync directly to your phone. Within the app, you can set reminders within your “To-Do” list, request an appointment, receive reminders when your pet is due for vaccines or wellness visits, order refills and more.

Don’t do apps? No problem. You can still receive reminders via text or email about upcoming appointments or vaccination needs. Additionally, the portal can be accessed via a desktop or smartphone web browser to utilize the other features and you can always visit our website to submit your appointment request.

Worried about receiving spam from us? Don’t be. You can tell us (or the app) what kind of reminders you want to see and how you want to receive them (text, email, app notification, etc.). We understand inboxes fill up fast with things you don’t care about and we don’t want to add to that. If you don’t want to receive messages from us, we’ll respect that!

Connect with us on PetDesk and take control of your pet’s health by clicking here!

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