Become a VIP Rewards Member!

How does it work?

With your annual membership you get the following VIP Rewards over the 12 month membership period:

• 3 Comprehensive Exams PER HOUSEHOLD (can be used for scheduled wellness and medical concern exams, but not for emergency visits, specialty visits, or admit appointments)
• 2 Nail Trims PER HOUSEHOLD
• 5% CASH BACK REWARDS on all purchases. You can redeem your rewards for future veterinary services (not products or diets) that you receive at Avenues Pet Clinic.
• 1% of all purchases Donated to Veterinary Care Fund (to help pets in need of treatment)
• Receive opportunities for benefits and bonuses throughout the year
• One membership per HOUSEHOLD (not per pet)

What does it cost?

• If you are a brand new member you can join our rewards program for an introductory rate of $115
• Annual renewal of your membership costs $130

Please ask one of our team members about the program next time you visit the hospital. Enrollment is quick and easy.